76th tank battalion

Today, these airfields are completely overgrown with grass and brush. 76th Tank Division. 254 th Motorised Rifle Regiment - Klintsy - Tank company and an MR battalion; 59 th Tank Regiment - Yelnya - Tank battalion, an MRC; 8 th Combined Arms Army - Southern Military District - Novocherkassk. Moved into line near Luneville on 30 October, 1944. History text from the book The Tank Killers by Harry Yeide. The foliage around the islands were mostly destroyed by the massive aerial bombing and pre-invasion naval bombardment. This M4A1 was probably HQ tank No. Part 1.15 Pages Part 2.14 Pages. Contact us. Watched the one video in color about Kwajalein. One tank was used for evacuation of stalled and disabled vehicles in the area. Its simple, yet effective. He said we were like brothers and then all of a sudden, we lost all contact. A total of 404 Type 89s were built 113 Type 89As and 291 Type 89Bs. [13] This initial relationship with the 9th Infantry Division was to become a habitual relationship, and the battalion would maintain a close operating relationship with it for most of the remainder of the war in Europe. The scans were provided courtesy of Tom Hubred. The 1944 US invasion of the Marshall Islands was the first US assault on actual Japanese territory during WWII. document.getElementById('cloakede5f5022a62a30559ef44961cb36143').innerHTML = ''; C Company personnel left for a work detail at Yellow Beach #1 south of Dulag. Also courtesy of the Tank Destroyer Association by L. L. Gill, TDA Historian. Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 (1982). If you can help us identify any of the men in the photos, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. 76th Armored Medical Battalion; 603rd Tank Destroyer Battalion; The US 7th Infantry Division had dug in for the night on A-Day when the Japanese launched two tank attacks against the divisions night perimeter. D Company HQ section (2 light tanks) reported to San Pablo for security. Although not one of the three tank battalions that would land with the first assault wave on D-Day, the medium tank companies and the command elements of the battalion nevertheless landed ashore on Utah Beach attached to the 4th Infantry Division before noon of 6 June. It was followed by the rest of the battalion, less D Company, three years later. 8.) The field personnel (including 767th security detachments) and nearby units of the US 11th Airborne Division defended the airfields. 124th Tank Battalion; 175th Reconnaissance Battalion; 656th Sapper Engineer Battalion; 728th Signals Battalion; 1682nd Material Support Battalion; Around 200-300 Japanese paratroopers and elements of the Japanese 16th Infantry Division attacked the airfields around Burauen and setup a road block on the Burauen-Dagami road north of Burauen. Courtesy of Tom Hubred. Association for it's members. During this period, the 767th Tank Battalion bivouac was located in Burauen. The tankers had found the first days in combat in France very trying. Miscellaneous Documents - Courtesy of Tom Hubred. Courtesy of Tom Montgomery. Soon after the move to Camp Pickett, on 22 October 1943, the unit was redesignated as the 746th Tank Battalion and adopted the organization in which it would fight throughout the European Campaign. Volume Two has been released as of December 6th (2022). The remainder of the Battalion rejoined its units at Port Lyautey in February, 1943. 16.) The tankers prepared to support the 9th Infantry Division's planned crossing of the Roer in the vicinity of Urfttal, and Company B supported the 60th Infantry Regiment as they aided the 78th Infantry Division in taking the Schwammenauel Dam on 11 February. How cool is that. The other 2 tanks continued down the road but on their return trip they were knocked out, one by the battalion supply detail and the other by Pfc. Willard Totten, Recon Company, 5-22-791 Page Willard Totten, 7-4-792 Pages, 17.) Thanks VetFriends, It was a wonderful moment that we will both remember for the rest of our lives, and we owe it to VetFriends. Some sources state that the colors were red/white. Dec 17, 1942 - March 25, 1943..35 Pages, March 26, 1943 - May 31, 1943 Part 1..18 Pages Part 2..18 Pages, September, 1943 - Dec 11, 1943 Part 1..19 Pages Part 2..19 Pages Part 3..19 Pages Dec 18, 1943 - Feb 17, 1944 Part 1..24 Pages Part 2..24 Pages Part 3..26 Pages, 9.) 2nd platoon in action at Damulaan advancing north towards Ormoc. If you served in 76th Tank Battalion (90mm), Join TWS for free to reconnect with service friends. We wonder about the rest that served with us in the artillery unit we served in. They had advanced to the vicinity of the Lozon River west of St.-L by 25 July, when the Allied carpet bombing of German positions south of the St.-L-Priers road marked the beginning of Operation Cobra. The medium tank companies were equipped with. Published at the end of the war by the men of the unit and printed by Anton Pustet in Salzburg, Austria. George W. Tilk of Company M stopped one of them with one bazooka shot when they came into range. October 24: Design of a typical Japanese pillbox. 1) (*), Dec. 1-31, 194432 Pages (Journal - Pt. The Battalion in turn, however exacted a heavy toll in enemy armor and personnel. During the period from May 11, 1944 to June 10 the Battalion was attached no less than eleven times, each one for combat. 69th Tank Battalion. Courtesy of the Tank Destroyer Association by L. L. Gill, TDA Historian. From this date to the end of the year, the 767th AAR does not list any actions involving the medium tanks. The 3rd Battalion, 184th Infantry setup its night perimeter on the north edge of the Dulag airfield with its right flank on the Dulag-Burauen road. Do you have 76TH TANK BATTALION 11TH AIRBORNE DIVISION Reunion information you'd like to share, "When I Joined VetFriends, I read about the email locator service, and sent an email to my old friend. Ended war in Ehrwald, Austria. It was inactivated in October 1945. Arrived Casablanca, Morocco, 25 January, 1943. The document also includes the menu for their Christmas dinner and a roster of men of the 56th Coast Artillery, which is where James A. Montgomery was stationed at the time. Originally a light tank battalion, the 767th arrived at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii on 8 February 1943. Five M10 Tank Destroyers equipped the battalions Assault Platoon on Kwajalein Island, February 3. [27] The discharge gates on the dam were demolished as the Americans approached and operations to the east of the Roer had to wait until the waters downstream subsided. The 776th drew many of its men from the western states and then trained in San Francisco. 2, Incl. Battalion received order to waterproof one platoon of medium tanks of B company. For the invasion of the Kwajalein atoll (January 31 to February 4), the US Marines landed on Roi and Namur islands on the north side of the atoll. Fort Drum has served as a major training center for reserve component forces, and units of the New York Army National Guard rank among the post's most . Reorganized and redesignated 15 January 1948 as Headquarters and Service Company, 756th Heavy Tank Battalion. 107, Headquarters Fifth Army, dated December 15, 1943. In World War I the 76th was the first division of the National Army to be drawn from civilian ranks through the draft, hence the insignia and the description, "the first sons of the nation." The. Light tanks extricated a mired M29 carrier (Weasel) and trailer. [25] By 18 December the division's advance toward the Roer was halted in order to respond to the German offensive. In contrast to most operations to date, the 746th and the infantry they supported conducted many of their operations at night in order to avoid German artillery spotters and to surprise the defenders. Redesignated 8 May 1941 as Headquarters Company, 756th Tank Battalion. This is my close up which shows an officer with a couple of local women. 44th Armored Infantry Battalion. M4A1 #28 Man O War advancing through the village of Julita with a Filipino civilian guide was with the armored column which captured the San Pablo Airfield. They were attempting to follow up on the penetration to the second belt of the Western Wall made in the vicinity of Schevenhtte in which Company A participated. casualties & Off. The award was never issued. It served primarily as an attachment to the 9th Infantry Division, but fought alongside numerous other units as well. Part 1.11 Pages Part 2.10 Pages Part 3.15 Pages Part 4.11 Pages. Supported French 2d Armored Division advance to Strasbourg in November. Colonel Barney Narrative - An 18 page summary of his "lessons learned" regarding equipment, personnel and tactics following his command of a TD unit in combat. During the day on October 24, 2nd Battalion, 32nd Infantry, captured a Japanese private, Isamu Nakamaru, who was a mechanic with the 7th Independent Tank Company. Activated 31.10.68 in Brest, Brest Oblast, as a mobilisation division, to replace the 30th Guards Motorised Rifle Division, which was transferred to Czechoslovakia.. Also in the front row is Louis A. Pieper (C Co.), second from right. 86th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mecanized) . By mid-April, the 9th Infantry Division was effectively squeezed out of the shrinking cordon around the Ruhr Pocket and plans were made to pull the 746th out of the line to refit the worn tanks. "After Action Report, 746th Tank Battalion March May 1945". [4][22] In particular, companies B and C saw heavy action in the Forest until the battalion withdrew from the line on 28 October to Btgenbach, Belgium, near the village of Weywertz. 22.) var addy_textede5f5022a62a30559ef44961cb36143 = 'info' + '@' + 'tankdestroyer' + '.' + 'net';document.getElementById('cloakede5f5022a62a30559ef44961cb36143').innerHTML += ''+addy_textede5f5022a62a30559ef44961cb36143+'<\/a>'; One of the Type 89s did managed to get through the Infantry defenses and got close to the 767th battalions bivouac area before being knocked out or captured by the infantry. 1st platoon Company D left Dulag by water transportation (LCM) for Baybay. The Service Company included a headquarters section; a maintenance platoon; and a large battalion supply and transportation platoon, with over thirty trucks to provide logistics for the battalion. Recon Company Personnel - Photo showing small group of Recon Company personnel. A pair of M3A1s watching each other backs. The 756th was activated as a light tank battalion on June 1, 1941, at Fort Lewis, Washington. This M4A1 is equipped with T48 Chevron tracks. C Company M4A1 #58 Lucky Tiger and is followed by Miss Dinah on Ebeye on February 4. var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; 3rd platoon and HQ section at Burauen, Leyte. Mitsubishi developed an air-cooled diesel engine and built the new model Type 89B Otsu which went into production in 1933. Used by permission. The GIs broke up the attack using MG, mortar, and artillery fire. A Japanese truck would made a fast and simple road block for the infantry especially if they expected another tank banzai charge. Diaries - Maintained by Captain Willis F. Cole, Company A. It's been nearly 40 years since we parted. The invasion began on A-Day, 20 October 1944. Tank battalions See more ideas about infantry, war bonds, sergeant. [27][28], Though they had crossed the Roer, German resistance had not yet broken. In January 1944 it moved from Camp Pickett to the embarkation point at Camp Shanks, New York for deployment to Europe. The program includes a menu as well as a roster of officers and enlisted men. Later it became a major base and staging area for B-24 equipped 11th Bombardment Group, 30th Bombardment Group and the F-5 (P-38 Lightning) equipped 28th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron. AAR lists HQ, A, B and C companies had 51 medium tanks (M4A1s) operating. [6] The battalion filled out its personnel strength and trained at Camp Rucker until October 1943, when it relocated to Camp Pickett, Virginia for advanced training. Constituted 13 January 1941 in the Regular Army as the 76th Tank Battalion (Light). 1-31, 1944..16 Pages (Journal)(*), Apr. It was during this time that the 746th was assigned to support the 4th Infantry Division for the invasion. [26], On 30 January, the division recommenced offensive operations, driving SE from Monschau. . December 7: Company C, which had been reduced to about 30% strength during the first week in action, spent the next two weeks reconstituting and training new replacements, while Company D, equipped only with light tanks, was in division reserve and assigned security missions within the 9th Infantry Division's area. It was not relieved until June 10, six days after the fall of Rome. They participated in Exercise Beaver without incident and although they also took part in Exercise Tiger, the unit suffered no casualties as a result of the German raid in the early morning darkness of 28 April.[9]. A M3A1 Stuart tank of D Company on Enubuj Island. Military Police Platoon. The 746th Tank Battalion was activated at Camp Rucker, Alabama on 20 August 1942 as the 746th Tank Battalion (Medium), drawing its initial cadre of officers from the 760th Tank Battalion[5] and an additional six officers and 135 enlisted men from the 70th Tank Battalion. Company B remained with the 60th Infantry Regiment as they were attached to the 104th Infantry Division to hold the hard-won ground around Eschweiler and Dren. Fought in area of Maknassy and Ferryville, Tunisia. The scout car was probably a Kurogane Type 95 belonging the commander and armed only with a MG. Company B was likewise attached to elements of the 9th Infantry Division during the drive on Cherbourg. This Type 89B is claimed to be one of the 7th Independent Tank Company tanks captured on Leyte. 3.) It was later redesignated as the 73rd Armor Regiment, and is perpetuated today by the 73rd Cavalry Regiment.

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